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We are a collective of intergenerational, intersectional Black women leaders throughout the nation.  


We are business leaders, political strategists, student leaders, faith leaders, tech leaders, labor leaders, pioneers in sports, music, and entertainment,  movement leaders, and beyond. We come together within our personal capacities to stand united in support of Black women.

We were motivated by our collective concern with the narrative and treatment of Black women within the current political cycle. We believe that no matter your political affiliation - you should have been outraged by the treatment of Black women in that process. We wrote and posted an open letter in August - within 72 hours, more than 2,6000 Black Women signed the letter.  


Founded business executive, social impact strategist, and investor Jotaka Eaddy, we first gathered on a zoom call in August 2020 -- 90 women gathered that night after an urgent email calling for action. Since then, we have grown to more than 4,000 women within our network. We've met virtually nearly every Sunday thereafter. We made clear then and demonstrated that the pathway to the White House and unifying our nation was to #WinWithBlackWomen.  

Additionally, the group has successfully advocated for appointing Black women to senior positions within the Biden-Harris administration.


We continue to support efforts to advance the policy agenda of Black women championed by Black women-led organizations. 

In addition to advocating for a Black woman to be named to the 2020 democratic ticket, members of the collective have focused on a wide array of efforts, including:  

  • Supporting efforts for a Black woman in U.S. Senate - #keeptheseat;

  • Mobilizing to support Black Women leaders in the G.A. runoff  (#thankyouGA and #livefromGA), which included 45 influencers "I.G. lives," garnering more than 4 million views

  • Raising and donating more than $600,000 in the 2020 political cycle for various candidates and non-profits.

  • Deploying food trucks to polling locations in the General Election and Georgia Runoff

Most recently, we joined forces with other Black women-led organizations to urge President Biden to keep his promise and nominate a Black woman to the U.S. Supreme Court. We stood up for and supported President Biden's Supreme Court nominee before we knew her name. Once Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was nominated, we immediately began organizing, mobilizing, and calling for a swift and fair confirmation process. We developed digital strategy campaigns and partnered with influencers and prominent voices in our communities to urge U.S. senators to #ConfirmJudgeJackson. Throughout Justice Jackson's hearing and confirmation process, we supported her and had her back by calling out racist and sexist attacks made against her. We ensured that we fact-checked and corrected any information that was put out in an attempt to discredit her, as we knew that she was beyond qualified to become an Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. 

Our hashtag (#WinWithBlackWomen) has more than 800 Million organic social media. We are doers - led by the spirit of unity and sisterhood. We seek to leverage our power, recognizing that we each have something to offer, no matter how big or small.  


Therefore: We organize and leverage our talent, influence, networks, and brilliance into areas of collective alignment.


1. Eliminating the racist and sexist attacks on Black women


2.  Working within our personal capacities to support the historic number of Black women running for elected office at the federal, state, and local levels.


3.  Elevating the agenda, image, and collective power of Black Women.

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