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Black Women Leaders Letter in Support of Brittney Griner

July 4, 2022

The Honorable Joseph R. Biden

The Honorable Kamala D. Harris


The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

NW Washington, DC


Dear President Biden and Vice President Harris:


We are an intersectional, intergenerational group of Black women leaders from across the nation. We are business executives, athletes, coaches, faith leaders, labor leaders, activists, entertainment leaders, civil and human rights leaders, filmmakers, and cultural influencers.


On February 17, 2022, WNBA superstar and two-time Olympic gold medalist Brittney Griner was detained upon her arrival in Russia. As you know, on May 3, 2022, Brittney was officially classified as “wrongfully detained” by the United States’ State Department. While the change in classification authorizes the U.S. government to negotiate her release regardless of the status of her legal case, Brittney’s family anxiously awaits her return. Secretary Antony Blinken has called Cherelle Griner, Brittney’s wife, assuring her and stating publicly that Brittney’s safe return was a matter of personal priority; however, we are concerned that the rhetoric does not appear to align with the actions taken to date. We urge you to make a deal to get Brittney back home swiftly and safely and to meet with Brittney’s wife Cherelle immediately.


We stand with our sister, Brittney Griner, and the more than 270,000 people who have signed the petition urging you to bring Brittney Griner home. Like many WNBA athletes, Brittney plays abroad during the WNBA offseason for the love of the sport, but also in exchange for substantially bigger contracts, which are not available to women’s basketball players in the US. Pay inequity has led to Brittney Griner’s wrongful detention in Russia, where she is being used as a political pawn. She is consistently denied consular access, enduring inhumane conditions, being denied communication with her spouse, family, and friends. In addition to distinguished accomplishments in the United States and decorated Olympian, Brittney is a member of an elite global sports community, a four-time Euroleague champion and seven-time Russian League Champion. Brittney’s detention must be resolved out of respect for the safety of all athletes who travel to compete internationally and the sanctity of sport. It is imperative, President Biden, that you address this ongoing human rights crisis and make a deal to bring Brittney home quickly and safely.


Just over a week ago, Brittney was finally supposed to have her first call home to speak to her wife, Cherelle, in honor of their wedding anniversary. Devastatingly, despite 11 attempts to reach Cherelle, there was no one at the State Department to connect Brittney’s call. America cannot fail Brittney Griner.


While it should not matter because she is an American citizen who is wrongfully detained on foreign soil, Brittney Griner cast her first ever vote in 2020. She voted for you and Vice President Kamala Harris. More than prioritizing her immediate return in word – you must do so in deed and make a deal to bring Brittney home. We eagerly await your response.





Abigail Glaize- GA

Acacia Henry- NY

Adele McClure- VA

Rev.Adora Iris Lee- D.C.

Adriane Keepler- MD

Adriane Lowrie- D.C.

Adrienne Dedjinou- WA

Adrienne Smith- WA

Adzua Agyapon- D.C.

Aisha Walker- CA

Aja Mann- GA

Aja Shasanmi- WA

Senator Akasha D. Lawrence Spence- OR

Dr. Akilah Cadet-CA

Akilah Wright- NY

Akili Ramsess- GA

Akosua Ali- D.C.

Alea Harmon- GA

Alejandra Esparza- IL

Aleta Williams- DC

Aleta Wyche- GA

Alex Stewart- AL

Alexa Smith- NY

Dr. Alexandra Matthews- ND

Alexis M. Mitchell- VA

Alexis McMillan- GA

Alexis McSween- NY

Alia Smith- NY

Aliannea Sherman- CA

Alice Love- MD

Alicia Garza- GA

Alicia Holt- NY

Alisa  E. Adams- LA
Alisha Carr- NC
Alisha Johnson- CA
Alisha Keyes- CA
Alisia Hansell- AL
Alison Mason- NJ
Aliza Cherié Eaves- MA
Allison L. Cormier- LA
Allison Lawrence- VA
Allison Sator- MD
Dr. Allison Scott- CA
Allora Goode Cyrus- MD
Rev. Alma Faith Crawford- MN
Alyse Jeter-Harris- VA
Amanda Green Hawkins, Esq.- PA
Amanda Zahui B.- CA
Amber Lynn Christian- CT
Amber Ruffin- NY
Amila Williams- VA
Amina J. Dickerson- IL
Amira Barger- CA
Dr. Amita Bey- FL
Amoretta Morris-n D.C.
Dr. Amorie Robinson-MI
Amy King- TX
Amy Lechner- PA
Dr. Analesa Clarke- FL
Rev. Ananda Leeke- D.C.
Andima Umoren- MD
Dr. Andrea Brown- NV
Andrea Hailey- D.C.    
Hon. Andrea Harrison- MD

Andrea    Pringle-MD
Dr. Andrea Robins- TX
Andrea Turner- OH
Angela Angel- MD
Angela Bannerman Ankoma- RI
Angela Boateng- RI
Angela Bridges- IL
Angela D. Willis- LA
Angela Foxworth Everett- OH
Angela Hamblin Blakely- IN
Angela Lloyd Cureton- NC
Angela M. McKenzie- NC
Dr. Angela Odoms-Young- IL
Angela Rose Myers- MN
Angela Stokes- TX
Angela T. Rye, Esq.- WA
Angela Turner- MD
Angelia Hicks-Maxie- WA
Angelica Whaley- IL
Angeline C. Wead- GA
Angelique Power- MI
Angelyn C. Frazer-Giles- DE
Angie Bah- CA
Anika Noni Rose- NY
Ann Marie Smith, Esq.- TX
Anna Alexander- NJ
Anna DeShawn- IL
Anna Wolak- OH
Annette S. Coram- D.C.
Anya Williams- CA
Anyika Alexis Nelson- NV
April VanMansfeld- GA
Aqua Franklin- TX
Ariana McCoy- MI

Arielle V. King- MD
Dr. Arletta T. Brinson- GA
Arlice White- CT
Armani J. Eady- NY
Ashanti Brinson- PA
Ashanti F. Gholar- VA
Ashley Blake- LA
Ashley Chapple- NY
Ashley Douglas- GA
Ashley Richardson- CA
Ashley Thompson- TX
Ashlie Banks-Haggins- VA
Assata Lee- D.C. 

Atiya Spencer-Willoughby- NY
Audrey Gunter- NC
Audria Mitchell- OH
Aviva Goldfarb- MD
Ayahna Hunter- MD
Ayoola Mitchell- CA
Ayori Selassie- CA
Azaria Duncan- TX
Babz  Rawls Ivy- CT
Barbara A. Perkins- GA
Barbara Covington Gardner- MD
Dr. Barbara E. Riley- NC
Barbara Fulton- MD
Barbara Gibson- GA
Dr. Barbara J. Kelsey- GA
Bedria Purifoy- MI
Belinda Holt- NC
Benecia Carswell- TX
Rev.Elder Benita Ramsey- CA
Bernadette Catalan- MD
Dr. Bernice A. King- GA

Bernice Watson- NY
Beth Woodland-Hargrove- MD
Beverly Gentry- GA
Beverly Goins- NC
Billi Chambers- NY
BJ Thomas- NC
Blu Warren- NM
Bobette Gillette- D.C.
Bonita Guerrant- OH
Brandi  James- MD
Bre Maxwell- SC
Breanna Evans- CT
Dr. Brenda B. Spriggs- CA
Brenda Dancil-Jones- MD
Brenda Stallings- AR
Brenda Suttonwills- CA
Bresha Webb- CA
Briana Hunter- NY
Dr. Briana Stephenson- NH
Brianna Pippens- MD
Brianna Turner- TX
Bridget-Anne Hampden- NC
Bridgitte Ford Timpton- NC
Brit Bennett- NY
Brittany Aikens- CA
Brittany Packnett Cunningham- MD
Brittney Bogues- NC
Dr. Brittney Cooper- NJ
Bryce Newby- DC
Bryna Jean-Marie- NY
Bunni Parker- VA
Rev. C. Holmes- FL
C.S.- WA
Calisa Nickelson- OH
Camille Collier- AZ
Camille J. Cooper- CT
Camille R. Banks, PhD- IL
Camille Robinson- GA
Candace N. Smith- GA
Candace Patmon-Griggs- TX
Candi N. Smiley- CA
Candice M. Jackson- MI
Candice M. Owens- AZ
Candice Mott- D.C.
Cari Jackson Lewis, Esq.- CA
Cari Champion- CA
Cari Martin- MI
Carine Williams- FL
Dr. Carla Brailey- TX
Carla Copeland- GA
Carla Mays- CA
Minister Carloss Jennings- VA
Carlottia Scott- SC
Carmen Adams- TX
Carol E. Reid- AZ
Carol Owens- IN
Carol Robinson- NJ
Carol Tyler- NJ
Carolanne Greene- IL
Carolyn Church- IN
Carolyn Kennedy- MD
Carolyn V. Chang- NJ
Carolyn Wysinger- CA
Cass Severe- NJ
Cassandra Blair Ward- NV
Cassandra Caver- NC
Dr.Cassandra Cooper- IL

Cassandra Rahming- FL
Catherine L. Foret- LA
Catherine Robinson- LA
Celeste A. Garcia- DC
Celeste Morris- NY
Cemere James- MD
Cerece Rennie Murphy- MD
Chabre Vickers- OR
Chanel  Adams- CT
Chantal Bonitto- NY
Elder Dr. Chantel Upshur-Morgan- D.C.
Rev. Charisse R. Tucker- PA
Charlene Washington- CA
Charlyn Griffith- PA
Charmin Smith- CA
Chava Sadler- TX
Chellee Cephas- MD
Chelsea Elliott- OH
Chelsea Newton- TX
Chelsea Proctor- CT
Chereece Smith- CT
Cherie Bond- AZ
Cherie L. Brodnax-Eaves- FL
Cheryl A. Head- DC
Cheryl A. Pegues- CT
Cheryl A. Price- DE
Cheryl Crayton- MO
Dr. Cheryl Giscombe- NC
Cheryl Richardson- MD
Cheryl Sledge- NC
Cheryl Spaulding- NJ
Dr. Chimille Tillery- IL
Choinita Logan- PA
Christina Cue- SC
Christina Grimes- NY
The Honorable Christina Henderson- D.C.
Cierra C. Johnson- NC
Claudette Bannerman- RI
Claudia McKoin- D.C.
Min. Constance Ingram Allen- GA
Coquese Washington- NJ
Cora Masters Barry- D.C.
Courtney Bailey- CA
Courtney Edwards- D.C.
Courtney Jackson- AZ
Courtney L. Hunt- LA
Courtney Ramsey- D.C.
Cree Myers- D.C.
Cristal Holmes-Bowie- NJ
Crystal Bryant- D.C.
Dr. Crystal Cavalier- NC
Crystal Dickinson- NJ
Crystal Lander -VA
Crystal McCreary- NY
Crystal R. Brown- IL
Crystal Ruiz- MD
Curtisha L. Johnson- GA
Cynde Schauper- IL
Cyndi Strohmier- WA
Cynthia Ings-Brown- VA
Cynthia J. Finch- TN
Cynthia Reynolds- MI
D'Angela Proctor- CA
Dahlia A. Walker-Huntington,Esq. -FL
Daisha Bryant- GA
Dana C. Harvey- CA
Dana Huley- CA

Dr. Dana Wright- CA

Danielle Agee- TX

Danielle Gaither- MD

Danielle Rose- CA

Dr. Danielle T. Cooper- CT

Darice L. Brown- NC

Darice Toon- NJ

Darien E. Wilson- DE

Daryl Lovell- NY

Dasheika Ruffin- GA

Davida Mathis- DC

Dawn Brunson- GA

Dawn Kaam- CT

Dawn Kountz- CT

Dawn Simmons- NY

Coach Dawn Staley- SC

Coach Dawn Thornton- AR

Deborah Aubert Thomas- OH

Dr. Deborah B. Kirby- MD

Deborah C. Wilder- MD

Chaplain DeBoRah Dickerson- NY

Deborah F. Thomas- MD

Dr. DeBorah Gilbert White- D.C.

Rev. Dr. Deborah L. Stapleton- NJ

Deborah Rezendes- RI

Deborah Scott- GA

Deborah Smith Pollard, PhD- MI

Debra A. Walker- MI

Dr. Debra Greenwood -GA

Debra L. Lee- CA

Debra R. Carter- SC

Deesha Dyer- D.C.

Deidria Johnson- NJ

Deirdre Barrett- TX

Dr. Deirdre Waterman- MI 

Dele Lowman- GA

Rev. Demetria L. Edwards, J.D.- AR

Denise Adams- MD 

Denise Barton- MI

Denise Carr-Robinson- CA

Denise Devonish- Fl

Denise Douglas- VA

Denise M. Gray- KY

Deondra Forrest- NY

Derica Carty- MD

Desiree Gibbs- TX

Desiree Peterkin Bell- NJ

DeWanda Miller- CA

Deyaska Spencer Sweatman- SC

The Honorable Diamond StatonWilliams- NC

Diana E. Lemon- NY

Diana Kochan- NC

Diane C. Richardson- PA

Dianne White- LA

Dominque Howse- LA

Domonic Smith- FL

Donna Benson- NJ

Donna Brazile- D.C.

Donna Edge-Rachell- NY

Donna Ellis- D.C.

Donna H.- MD

Donna Hill Staton- MD

Donna J. Graham- NC

Donna Lennon- NY

Donna Theus- IN

Dori Dumas- CT

Dorothy Collins- NJ

The Honorable Dorothy Douglas-D.C.

Dorothy Simmons- MD

Doxie A. McCoy- D.C. 

Dr. Thelma T. Daley- MD

Dr. Duchess Harris- MN

Duduzile Mitall- PA

Dy Brown- D.C.

Earron Marie Williams- CT

Ebonie Riley- D.C.

Ebony Miller- CT

Dr. Edith Biggers- GA

The Honorable Edith J. Patterson- MD

Edna Flores -IL

Elaine Helms -NJ

Elaine Robnett Moore- MD

Rev. Elaine Thomas- MI

Eleanore Rhoden- VA

Eleina Raines- GA

Elena Love- MD

Rev. Elisa Lucozzi- VT

Elisha Johnson- MD

Professor Elizabeth Evans- CA

Elizabeth J. Stewart- TN

Elizabeth O. Williams- GA

Elizabeth Scott- GA

Elizabeth Syrkett- MD

Ella Gilbert- D.C.

Eloise Middleton- CT

Emem Andrew- TX

Emma Moore- CT

Enid Doggett- D.C.

Rev. Dr. Erica D. Smith- NC

Erica Ford- NY

Erika Northington- VA

Dr. Erin Browder- CA

Eryka Jennings- FL

Esi Mathis- FL

Estefany Hernandez-TX 

Estell Mathis-Lloyd- D.C.

Esther Kuperman- NY

Esther M. Williams- GA

Eva Smith- CT

Eva Young- D.C.

Evette Beckett-Tuggle -SC

Evette Bishop- TX

Faith Holland- CA

Felicia D. Henderson- CA

Felicia Davis- GA

Felicia Eaves- KY

Felicia Hall Allen- SC

Felicia Mayo- CA

Dr. Felicia Reels- CA

Felisha Legette-Jack- NY

Frances Alford- NJ

Francine Towbridge- DE

Freida Ann McNeil- VA

Furaha Youngblood- NC

Gabrielle Pare- CT

Gaby La'Dine Fraser- D.C.

Gail Taylor- VA

Gaybriel Gibson- SC

Gayle C. Rutherford- CA

Gaynell V. Clemons- LA

Rev. Gene Hutter- FL

Dr. Genester Wilson-King- FL

Geneva S. Thomas- NY

Genevieve Johnson- GA

Genisus Holland- VA

Ginger Campbell- CA

Gladys Hamilton- D.C.

Glenda Timpton- IL

Gloria Gardner- NJ

Gloria Richardson- GA

Gloria Turner- NJ

Glynda Carr- CT

Grazell Howard, Esq.-NC

Gretchen Wharton -D.C.

Dr. Gwendolyn G. High- NC

Gwendolyn Ricks-Spencer- NJ

Hakima Bey-Coon- CT

Haley R. Wilder- WA

Hannah Dunigan- AZ

Hannah Thomas- OK

Hattie Broussard- LA

Dr. Hazel Dukes- NY

Helen Butler- GA

Dr. Helga Baskett-Tippett- D.C.

Henry Jackson-D.C.

Holli Holliday- MD

Hollye Weekes- MS

Inelle Cox Bagwell -TX

Inga S. Willis- GA

Ingrid Palmer- CA

Irene Hughes- VA

Irijah Stennett- NY

Isabella Rosado- CT

Isabella Solis- OK

Ivy Davis- MD

Ivy S. Nichols- VA

J. Moses Harper -NY

Jackie Carson- SC

Jacqueline Bazy- NC

Jacqueline Dawson- FL

Jacqueline Denice McWilliams- NC

Jacqueline L. Alston- D.C.

Jacqueline Mitchell- IL

Jacqueline Walker- D.C.

Jacquelyn Howard- WA

Jada T. Pierce- NY

Jaida Williams-MS

Jaime McCoy- AZ

Jaleesa McEachin- NJ

Jamaica Miles- NY

Jamilah Lemieux- CA

Jamison Ford-D.C.

The Honorable Jan Perry- CA

Janae Banks- VA

Janae Oliver- CA

Janaiya A. Johnson- OR

Janaye Ingram- NJ

Jane Martinache- VA

Janeen Uzzell- D.C.

Janet Anderson- GA

Janice Boyd-Layne- IL

Janice Hoover- NC

Janice Pippens- MD

Janine Augustus- NJ

Janis Mathis, Esq.- D.C.

Jara Butler- VA

Jasmine Hines- NC

Jasmine Pointer- NC

Jasmine Ratliff- MO

Jasmine Thomas- VA

Jasmine White- D.C.

Jazz Parks- MI

Jeane' Holley- OH

Jeanie Carr-D.C.

Jeanne Maynard -GA

Jeannette Mobley- D.C.

JeNae- CA

Jennifer A. Riley Collins- MS

Dr. Jennifer B. Jones- D.C.

Jennifer Esteen- CA 

Jennifer Ivery- NY

Jennifer Jones Austin -NY

Commissioner Jennifer Trichelle-Marie Williams- CA Jennifer Tucker- D.C.

Jessica Childress- D.C.

Jessica Clarendon- CA

Jessica Knight Henry-D.C.

Jesyka Burks-Wiley- FL

Jewel Love- SC

Dr. Jewelle Sutherland- NJ

The Honorable Jheanelle Wilkins- MD

Jilene Coggins- GA

Jill Knox- CA

Dr. Jillian Evans- MD

Joan Brannon- KY 

Joann Lander- PA

Jocelyn Lyles- GA

Jocelyn Yates- NC

Joel L. Hall- MD

Dr. Johnnetta Betsch Cole- FL

Joi Williams- MS

Jolette Law- SC

Joli Raechelle Holland- TX

JoNell Kennedy- CA

Jordan A. Brown- GA

Joseph Reaves- D.C. 

Jotaka Eaddy- D.C.

Jovian Zayne- CA

Jowanna C. Tillman -TX

Joy St. John Johnson- AL

Joy-Ann Reid- MD

Joyce L. Davis- CA

Joyce Robertson- NJ

Juana Del Pilar Silverio, Esq.-D.C.

Judi Anderson-Reeves- NY

Judi Smith -NY

Julia Banks- NY

Juliet Holland -NY

The Honorable Juliette M. Collins- OH

June Crenshaw -D.C.

Justina Omokhua -CA

Rev. Kai A. Williams- GA

Kailei Carr- GA

Kandis Catalan- D.C.

Kara Simmons- SC

Karen Ayers -GA

Karen Boykin-Towns- NY

Karen Burrell- IL

The Honorable Karen Camper -TN

Karen D. Todd -D.C.

Dr. Karen DuBois-Walton- CT

Karen Finney- D.C.

Karen Harris Christian- TN

Karen Kennon- CT

Karen Langston- VA

Karen Maria Alston- D.C.

Dr. Karen McLean- CT

Dr. Karen Washington- NC

Karen Waugh-OH

Karen Wells- MI

Karen Wells- NJ

Karida Giddings- NC

Karimah Mickens Webber- CT

Karla Amanda Brown- CA

Karla Moore- D.C.

Karlton A. Laster- OH

Karyn Morrison- NY

Councilwoman Kassandra Timothe -FL

Katherine Walsh- MI

Kathleen McLean- NY

Kathryn B. Walsh- MI

Kathryn S Woods -SC

Kathy Greggs- NC

Katrina M. Merriweather -TN

Katrina Rice- CT

Kavonda Phillips-OH

Rev. Kaye Lee-Moore- AR

Keena Ferguson- CA

Keenan Austin Reed- D.C.

Keica Robinson- MD

Keila Whittington- PA

Keisha Redd-Hannans- CT

Keita N. Lyles- KS

Kellee Edwards- CA

Kelley Mitchell- NC

Kelly Hall- MI

Kelly Hebron- VA

Kelly Mehrtens- MD

Dr. Kendra Janelle Ross- PA

Dr. Kendra M. Merine- MD

Commissioner Kendra Rolle- GA

Dr. Kendra S. Powell- OH

Kenya Khalelah Davis- D.C.

Keri Watkins- NY

Kerri Deutsch- AZ

Kerrigan Sanders- TX

Kerry Robertson- MN

Keshia Morris Desir- MD

Keya Kellum- OH

Khalia Simone Davis- CA

Kheperah Kearse- NY

Khia Thomas- FL 

Kiaira Nixon- FL

Kiambra Griffin- NY

Kiddada Asmara Grey- GA

Kim A. Field- WA

Kim Alfonso- D.C.

Dr. Kim Cliett Long- SC

Kim M. Bookard- D.C.

Kimberle Williams Crenshaw- NY

Kimberley Davis- MI

Kimberli Boyd- MI

Kimberly Blackwell- CA

Kimberly D. Deal, Esq.- NJ

Kimberly Eilers- NC

Kimberly Hubbard- VA

Pastor Kimberly McKissick- FL

Dr. Kimberly P. Diamond-Berry- MI

Kimberly V. Banks- IL

Kirstin S. Newby-D.C.

Kristen M. Clark- CT

Kristi Austin- IN

Kristin Pollard Kiel- AL

Krystel V. McNeil- IL

Kureka Middleton- TX

Kyra Nielsen- CA

Kyree Clarke- MD

Kyrisha Deschamps- DC

L. Henderson- MD

L. Joy Williams- NY

La Donna Samuels Black Ott- CA

La Verne Morris-IL

Lagra Newman- TN

LaJean Gould- GA

Lakeisha Jackson- CA 

LaKema Covington- MI

Lakeshia S. Williams- GA

LaMara Russell- CT

Dr. LaNail R. Plummer- D.C.

LaRaven Temoney- FL

LaRonda Morris- CA

LaShaun Bellamy- WA

LaShawn Long- AL

LaTanya Millhouse- AL

LaTanya Richardson Jackson- CA

Laticia Williams- FL

Latonia Foster-IL

Councilwoman LaTonya A. Tate- AL

LaTonya Kyler- D.C.

Coach LaTonya Tate- MI

LaTosha Brown- GA

Latoya Huggins- D.C.

Latoyia Griffin- NV

LaTrenta Mitchell- TX

Latressa Wilson Alford- CA

The Honorable Laura Hall- AL

Laura Pierce- MD

Laura Webb- WA

Lauren B. Jones, Esq.-NJ

Commissioner Lauren Babb- CA

Lavern Chatman- VA

Dr. Lavonia Perryman- MI

Layla Eaves- FL

Layshia Clarendon- CA

Bishop Leah D. Daughtry- NY

Dr. Leatra Tate- PA

Ledisi- CA

Leila Zainab- MA

Leilani Irvin- NY

Lena Louise Kennedy- CA

Lenora Mae Abraham Eaddy- SC

LeRonda Brooks- VA

Lesa A. Ferrell- MD

Lesha Lee- GA

Leshawnda Larkin- TX

Rev. Dr. Leslie D. Callahan- PA

Leslie G. Fields- D.C.

Leslie Gordon- CA

Leslie Harper-Miles- WA

Dr. Leslie Miles- PA

Leslie Redding-Archer- NY

Leslie Schillo- CT

Leslie White DePriest- CT

Lesly Simmons- CA

Liliahn Majeed- NY

Lillian French-Correa- HI

Lillian Mellette- NY

The Honorable Linda Coleman- NC

Linda F. Williams- LA

Linda Lerch- NY

Linda M. White- CA

Linda Mercado Greene- D.C.

Lindsay Wilson- VA

Dr. Lisa Anglin- MI

Lisa Brown- NJ

Lisa Cagnolatti- AZ

Lisa Cortés- NY

Lisa Dettmer- CA

Lisa E. Stephens- NJ

Lisa Jones- GA

Lisa Jones Brown- NY

Lisa Robinson- GA

Lisa S Boone-Nwajei- CO

Liza Cruzat Brooks- IL

Lonia Baker, Esq- KY

Dr. Lora-Ellen McKinney- WA

Lori Grier- NJ

Hon. Lorraine Birabil- TX

Lottie Barnett- D.C.

Loureen Finnie- IL

Lovette Russell- GA

Lovette Thompson- GA

Lurie Daniel Favors, Esq.- NY

LuTisha Buckner- KY

Luvvie Ajayi Jones- IL

Luz Marquez Benbow- NY

The Honorable Lydia Glaize- GA

Lynn Klinkman- CA

M. Vanessa Orr- MI

Madame Athena Chang- CA

Madeline Burke- RI

Madison- MD

MaeOla Bolton- NJ

Maisha U. Asegun- NJ

Makani Themba- MS

Dr. Makeda Greene- NJ

Malaika Underwood- FL

Malikah Willis- GA

Malinda Jones- MI

The Honorable Marche’ Johnson- AL

Marcia Brown Williams- IL

Margie Scott, Esq.- SC

Margo Briggs- MD

Margo Hall- CA

Rev. Maria Teresa Jones- NC

Mariah Lichtenstern- CA

Marian Bonny Hollaway- NV

Marie "Molly" Watson- CA

Marie Bernard- NY

Marie Bradford- FL

Marie Gilmore Williams- VA

Marie Lewis- NY

Marie Sylla Dixon- MD

Marilyn D. Johnson- CA

Marilyn Esters-Scruggs- IL

Marilyn Spriggs- OR

Marisa Moseley- WI

Dr. Markeeta Reeder- GA

Markeshia Ricks- CT

Professor Markita Cooper- FL

Marla Cureton- GA

Marqweesha Guthrie- NJ

Martha Mitchell- D.C.

Mary Anne Adams- GA

Mary Carroĺl- IL

Mary E. Allston- NC

Mary Foston-English- CA

Mary Katrina Smith- NC

Mary Weir- CT

Mati Jones- MD

Mattie Hunter- IL

Maurita Coley- D.C.

Mavis Fowler- NY

Maya Martindale- CT

Maya Peterson- CA

Megan Vicchio-Pippens- MD

Melanie Campbell- VA

Melanie Roussell Newman- D.C.

Melba V. Pearson, Esq.- FL

Rev. Melinda Weekes-Laidlow- GA

Melissa S. Johnson- MD

Melody Forrester- PA

Melody Williams- NC

Merdochey T. LaFrance- FL

Meredith Hightower- CA

Michaela Green- CA

Michaelynn Bacon- MD

Michele Barnwell- CA

Dr. Michele C. Reed- NY

Michele Cheek- NC

Michèle Partee- NC

Michele Roxanne Johnson- NY

Michelle Barnes-Anderson- NY

Michelle Browne- NC

Michelle D. Bernard- MD

Michelle E. Brown- MI

Michelle Edwards- FL

Michelle Howard- MD

Michelle Wilson- MD

Michelle Y. Talbert, Esq.- FL

Mildred Smith- GA

Minyon Moore- D.C.

Mira Gandy- CA

Miriam E. Henry- FL

Mishell Butler- GA

Mona F. Moran- LA

Monica D. Barnes, Esq.- FL

Monica Hutchinson- VA

Monica Joyner- CT

Monica Leslie- KY

Monique Harris- VA

Monique Idlett- FL

Monique Nash- CA

Monique Pressley- D.C.

Morgan DeBaun- TN

Morris Phillip Roberts- PR

Muriel Cooper- MD

Murriel Page- MS

Mykala Walker- AZ

Myrna Young -

Dr. N. Denise Mitchem- GA

Na'imah N. Mustafa -TX

The Honorable Na’Cole Thompson- TX

Professor Nadia E. Brown- MD

Coach Nadine Domond- VA

Naja Grasty- CT

Naja Mix- GA

Nakida Camille- NY

Nakita Hemingway- GA

Nataki MacMurray- MD

Natalie Achonwa- IN

Natalie Matthews- WA

Natalie Robinson Bruner- FL

Natasha Bowman, J.D. -NY

Natasha D. Adair- AZ

Neha Shah- CA

Neta Guerchvitch- FL

Nevaeh Hodge- NC

Nia Banks- VA

Nia Crawford- MD

Niani Montgomery Kilkenny- D.C.

Nichole Brown- TX

Nicola Tollett Jefferson- PA

The Honorable Nicole A. Williams, Esq.- MD

Nicole Ambrose-SC

Nicole Beasley- AL

Nicole Bentley- AL

Nicole D. Porter- D.C.

Nicole O. Leonard- D.C.

Nicole Tingle- RI

Niki Reid Geckeler- MD

Nikki McCray- TN

Nina C. Guercio- NJ

Nique Wallace- D.C.

Nkenge Harmon Johnson, Esq.- OR

Nkeshi Free- MD

Nneka Ogwumike- TX

Nolice Edwards- CA

Noreen King- NJ

Norma Ridgely- MD

Dr. Nyah Hamlett- NC

Nyree Wright- VA

Nzingha TaHa- NJ

Olinda Moyd- MD

Olivia Blount-McGregor- DE

Opa Owiye Johnson- KY

Oresa L. Napper-Williams- NY

Pamela A. Jafari- D.C .

Pamela Brooks- GA

Pamela Chatmon Washington- GA

Pamela Cross Ancrum- NC

Pamela Thornton- CA

Pamela Y. Cook- GA

Representative Pamelya Herndon- NM

Senator Pat Spearman- NV

Patrice Andrews- NC

Patrice Gould-Arnold- CA

Patrice Greer- GA

Patrice Grimes- VA

Patrice Marshall McKenzie- CA

Patricia B. Hairston- TN

Patricia Donkor- D.C.

Patricia Goggins- OH

Dr. Patricia Grant- D.C.

Patricia L. Z. Jeter- GA

Patricia Roberts- TX

Paula DeBoles-Johnson- FL

Paula Sardiñas- WA

Paula Wilson- GA

Peggy Glass- TN

Penny Toler- CA

Persephone Gary- WA

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins- CA

Phyllis K. Lerner- MD

Pierre Hogan- MD

Pinkie Williams- NC

Precious McKesson- NE

Princess Starr- GA

Quandra Chaffers- CA

R. Denise D. Everson- MD

R. L. Waclaw- MN

Rachael Saum- OH

Rachel C. Green- NJ

Rachel Conn- NY

Rachel Gilbert- FL

Rachel Green- KY

Delegate Rachel Jones- MD

Rachel Noerdlinger- NY

Rachel Reid- MD

Rachel Staton-Purdy- WI

Rachelle Strong- MO

Rafee'a Majeed- TX

Rakell Foye- MD

Dr. Ramona H. Edelin- D.C.

Rana Ryan- NY

Dr. Raneesha Ford Jefferson- D.C.

Rashida Tyler- NY

Senator Raumesh A. Akbari- TN

Raven Douglas- TX

Rebekah Caruthers- MD

Regina Clay- MD

Dr. Regina N. Bradley- GA

Regina Williams- SC

Rena Merritt Sales- GA

Renee Tom- GA

Representative Rep. Janelle Bynum- OR

The Honorable Rhonda Burnough- GA

Rhonda F. Briggins, J.D.- GA

Rhonda Jackson- KY

Rhonda Payne Harris- MO

Rhonda Powell- NC

Richard J. Rosendall- D.C.

Rita Bibbs-Booth- MD

Roberta Martin- NY

Robin Alexander- SC

Robin Caldwell- NY

Robin Flemming- D.C.

Robin Zeigler- NY

Robyn Donaldson, J.D.- GA

Robyn Lawrence- FL

Rev. Rochelle Andrews- MD

Romeldia Salter- IL

Rosalie Buggs- TX

Rosemary Dawson- IL

Rosetta Okohson-Reb- MO

Roslyn Blackwell- CA

Rev. Roslyn Brock- MD

Rowen Griffith- NY

Roxanne Phillips-Bradley- CA

Royale Woods- KY

Rukie Wilson- D.C.

Ruperta M. Alexis- NV

Ruth Barnes- D.C.

Ruth King- NC

Ryan Butts- VA

Ryen A. Reed- CA

S. J. Shanklin-Browne- D.C.

S. Denise Wood- FL

Sabrina Breland- CT

Dr. Sabrina Clark- MD

Sahna Aubert- NV

Samantha Williams- TN

Samara Neeley- NY

Sandi Cook- CA

Sandra Bispham Haywood- CT

Sandra Gibson- N

Y Sandra Hill- TX

Sandra J. Robinson- MD

Sandra O. Poole- CA

Dr. Sara D. Collins- D.C.

Serita Fontanesi- TX

ShaDonna Jackson- MD

Shamain Johnson-Cohen- CT

Shamara McFarland- CA

Shamia Lodge- AZ

Shana Solis- OK

Delegate Shaneka Henson- MD

Shanette Robinson- CT

Dr. Shani Buggs- CA

Shani Foster- MD

Shania Haynesworth- CA

Dr. Shannan Young- GA

Shannon Hill-Taylor- OH

Shannon LeBeauf- CA

Shantel Gamble- NJ

Shareen Peterkin- NY

Dr. Shari Miles-Cohen- D.C.

Sharlene Scott- CA

Dr. Sharnell Myles- GA

Dr. Sharon H. Porter- MD

Sharon Peterkin- NY

Sharon R. Clinton- PA

Sharon Taylor- MD

Sharon Thompson- D.C.

Sharon Wood- FL

Sharron Howard- FL

Shaun Robinson- CA

Rev. Shavon Arline-Bradley- MD

Shawndra Carmichael- AZ

Shawnna Grant- GA

Sheba Williams- VA

Rep. Sheila C. Nelson- GA

Sheila Collins- NV

Sheila Eldridge- MD

Elder Sheila Hinton- MS

Sheila Kennedy- NY

Sheila Mullins- GA

Sheila Singletary- CA

Shelitha Beacham- IL

Shelley Franklin- MD

Shellie Hayes-McMahon- TX

Shenita Cherry- MD

Shequenta Turner- VA

Shereka Wright- TX

Sheri Houston- AZ

Dr. Sherice Janaye Nelson- LA

Sherri Evans Harris- D.C.

Sherri Kilgore- IN

Dr. Sherri Killins Stewart- CT

Sherrie A. Peacock- NC

Sherrita Williams- NV

Sherron A. Rouzan- CA

Sherry D. Freeman- MD

Dr. Sherryl Moore-Ollie- IL

Shianne Winston- CA

Shirelle Alston- FL

Shirley Murdock-

OH Shyrelle Eubanks, EdD- MD

Sijara Eubanks- NJ

Sijara Jihan- MD

Skye LaFontaine- CA

Dr. Sonja Ebron- NC

Rev. Sonja Lee- SC

Sonya Hairston- TN

Dr. Sonya Odamtten- CA

Sophonia Brown- CA

Stacey D. Stewart- MD

Dr. Stacey Eadie- MD

Stacey Spencer-Willoughby- NY

Stacie Lynn Hayes- OK

Stefanie Brown James- OH

Stefanie Clemons- LA

Steffanie Edwards Hafele- GA

Stephana Colbert- OK

Stephanie A. Thomas- NJ

Dr. Stephanie Hunter-Brown- NC

Stephanie Stephens- NJ

Stephanie Sylvestre- FL

Stephanie Y. Willis- CT

Sunder Ashni- NY

Sunny Hostin- NY

Susan M. Hearn- MO

Susan Nix Webster- GA

Sybrina Fulton- FL

Sycamore Sylvia Toffel- AL

Sydney Stinson- NY

Sylvia Haughton- CT

Sylvia Simrel- NC

Tabecha S. Malloy- NC

Taelor I. Bakewell- CA

Tafeni English- AL

Tai Johnson- NY

Tairea Mattox- WA

Taisha Brown- CA

Talima Andrews- CT

Talitha Watkins- CA

Tamara Jones- D.C.

Tamara Rasberry Harris- CA

Tameika Isaac Devine- SC

Commissioner Tami Sawyer- TN

Tamika Jones- MD

Tamika Mallory- NY

Tamika Palmer- KY

Tammi L. Thomas- NC

Tammy Bolden- NJ

Tammy Moss- TX

Tammy Snider- VA

Tanesha Robinson- NJ

Tanita Toliver- NC

Tansy McNulty- NV

Dr. Tanya Clemons- CT

Tanya Foutch- IN

Dr. Tanya Henderson- NY

Chaplain Tanya McDonald- CA

Tanya Townsend- CT

Tara Coyt- GA

Tashi Chester- TX

Tatiana Alston- MD

Taylor Clark- PA

Tekeyia Chambers Teresa Blair- NJ

Teresa Jenkins- RI

Terralyn Parks- MI

Terri Carmichael Jackson- NY

Terrica Leigh- MD

Tesa Render- GA

Téylor Uba-oyibo- CT

Dr. Thais Council- KY

Dr. Thea Elise Dunzo- NC

Dr. Thelá Thatch- CA

Thelma Spencer- GA

Thema S. Page- CA

Theresa Taylor-Carroll, Esq.- CA

Thretha D. Green- CT

Tiffany Cross- D.C.

Tiffany Dena Loftin- CA

Tiffany Hill- CA

Tiffany James- SC

H.E. Ambassador Tiffany Lancaster- D.C.

Tiffany M. Johnson- CA

Hon. Tiffinni A. Young- TX

Tikel Davis- CA

Tina Knowles- CA

Dr. Tinia R. Merriweather- NY

Tiyana Parker- MD

Tomeca L. Kellogg-Walters- GA

Tomekia Reed- MS

Toni Dunton-Butler- MD

Toni Newman- CA

Toni Reynolds-Criner- D.C.

The Honorable Toni Rose- TX

Toni Willis- VA

Tonya B. Nelson- CT

Tonya Ricks- CT

Tonya Tolbert- IL

Tosca E. Blandford Bynoe- NJ

Tracey Charity Ray- VA

Tracey Tucker- SC

Tracie McKissic- D.C.

Tracy Holland- NY

Councilmember Treva Reid-

CA Tri Dotson- TX

Trina Patterson- NC

Trina Y. Archie McCorkle- NC

Twana Harris Mells- NY

Val Lucas- NV

Valeria Luna Ponce- CA

Rev. Dr. Valerie Bridgeman- OH

Valerie D. Bouldin- LA

Valerie E. Mitchell- NY

Valerie L. Chinn, Esq.- GA

Valerie Montague- MD

Vanessa Nichols-Holmes- MD

Vanessa Pettiford Frias- NY

Vashima Harris- VA 

Venice Garner Moore- CT

Rev. Dr. Vennece Fowlkes- MD

Vera Jones Soleyn- FL

Vera Soules Mabson- KY

Verone A. Nelson- NV

Veronica Dawkins- NC

Vichelle Jones- D.C.

Vicki Bryan- NJ

Vicki Palmer- GA

Vicki T. Nelms- OR

Victoria Kirby York- MD

Dr. Vikki MS Andrews- NC

Virginia Eckert- OR

Virginia Lee- D.C.

Vivian Baker- AR

Vivian Hatfield- MO

Vivian Wilds- D.C.

Waikinya Clanton- MS

Wanda Faye Williams- CA

Warsan Halane- OH

Wayetu Moore- NY

Weayonnoh Nelson-Davies- RI

Wendy Ford- TX

Dr. Wendy G. Smooth- OH

Wendy Nicole Anderson- GA

Whitney Bee- CO

Whitney Felder- OH

Winifred Carson-Smith, Esq.- D.C.

Wynne Stovall- PA

Xzaquoinett Y. Warrick- D.C.

Y. Obenewa Amponsah- MD

Professor Ya'Ke Smith- TX

Yasmin N. Harris- MD

Yodit Tewolde- TX

Dr. Yolanda Campbell- LA

Yolanda Caraway- DC

Yonette Lyte-Chester- MD

Ysatis White- CA

Yvette Page- CA

Yvette R. Simpson, Esq.- OH

Yvonne DeBoles- FL

Yvonne Miller, Esq.- D.C.

Yvonne Tindal- MD

Yvonne Wheeler- CA

Zabrina Jenkins- WA

Zandria Conyers- IN

Zola Mashariki- CA

Zurii Mershant DAmbra -NV

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